KING KAULK® Hybrid Polymer

Press Release


Tulsa, OK - RED DEVIL, Inc. introduces King Kaulk® Hybrid Polymer, a multi-purpose caulk, sealant and adhesive all in one that is the homeowner's easy choice for so many jobs. It is so powerful that one tube is a three-in-one product, replacing all your caulks, sealants & adhesives. No more confusing, technical names to figure out in the caulk aisle-King Kaulk does it all and is strong enough for the toughest jobs. From re-affixing a loose tile, permanently attaching a soap dish or caulking for a watertight seal, King Kaulk is your one step, economical solution for just about every repair project around the house.
RED DEVIL King Kaulk has superior sealant/adhesive performance and grabs onto surfaces very quickly, bonding permanently like the strongest glue. It forms a flexible, watertight seal and won't shrink or crack. With excellent paintability, King Kaulk® is easy to tool and finish. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and when cured, resists harsh weather conditions, UV rays and mildew. And, it has all the benefits of a silicone or polyurethane without the odor or mess. King Kaulk cleans up with water and is safe for the environment with low VOC and virtually no odor.
King Kaulk® effectively does the job of three products: it caulks tubs, showers, fixtures and countertops. It seals windows, doors, gutters, joints, and air conditioners. And, it bonds wood, concrete, brick, all metals, glass, tile, fiberglass, mirrors, polystyrene, PVC and other plastics.
Among King Kaulk's® hundreds of uses all inside and out, homeowners can caulk where the counter meets the backsplash, install sinks in countertops and caulk and seal around fixtures. Use it to install and caulk door and window frames, fasten paneling to studs or masonry, glue mitered trim joints, glue seams in carpets or vinyl floors and adhere baseboard moulding. King Kaulk® can also be used on concrete and masonry to fill cracks, cement and seal metal thresholds, repair broken brick or stonework or to caulk chimney and gable flashings.
With a Lifetime Durability Guarantee, King Kaulk® from RED DEVIL meets ASTM C920. It is available in white in 10.1 fl. oz. cartridges. For more information, visit or call 1-800-4A-DEVIL.